Frequently Asked Questions…

Q.  How do I register for a painting class?

A.  Click on the "RESERVE & PAY" page above. Next, find and click on the date/painting class you want to purchase a ticket for. Add the quantity of tickets you would like to purchase and click on the ‘RESERVE & PAY’ button to add to your cart. When prompted, fill out the reservation form. Click on your cart to compete the payment process and you're ready to go! Space is limited. Prepayment is required.


Q.  How long are the classes?

A.  Classes are approximately two and a half hours long. (give or take)


Q.  How much is a class and what is include in the price?

A.  Classes are priced at $40.00 per person and includes your first glass of wine, or soda if you don't drink alcohol, and a 16"x20" canvas to take home. We provide the canvas, paint, aprons, brushes, encouragement and instruction. 


Q.  Is there a class minimum age requirement?

A.  Yes, the class minimum age requirement is 21 yrs and up. You must bring a valid Driver's License or I.D.


Q.  What if I don't drink alcohol? 

A.  Sodas and water will be available for purchase.


Q.  Can I bring my own alcohol? 

A.  No. The winery is only legally allowed to sell, or have on their premises, their own wine.


Q.  What time should I arrive for my class?

A.  We encourage you to arrive a few minutes early, but we ask that you promptly arrive by the reservation time. This will allow ample time for everyone to check in and grab a glass of wine. We want everyone to enjoy their experience, so please arrive on time!


Q.  What methods of payment do you accept?

A.  We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover through prepayment online. The bar accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and cold hard cash.


Q.  What should I wear?

A.  Wear something that you wouldn’t mind getting paint on! Although we provide aprons and use water based acrylic paint, when it dries it will NOT come out! WARNING: alcohol can induce messiness!


Q.  Do I have to paint the piece of artwork scheduled for that night?

A.  No, you can go 'rogue' and paint whatever you wish!  YOU are the artist and can paint anything your creativity leads to. However, the instructor will stick to the scheduled painting.


Q.   Do you offer team building, company and/or private party events?

A.  Yes! This is a a great way to unlock the creativity of each individual while building relationships. To schedule a private party or for more information contact us at:


Q.  Can I cancel my reservation?

A.  Due to purchasing supplies and planning for all prepaid tickets in advance, all event ticket sales are final. No refunds, exchanges for other dates or cancellations. You may however sell your ticket to someone else. 

Dear AMAZING Redding friends❤️, our family is moving out of state to be closer to family. Therefore, THERE WILL BE NO MORE CLASSES after August 26th. We've had so much fun drinking and painting with you and it has been an incredible honor to host you all! Blessings!